Press Release: Former Governor Jeb Bush and Adam Putnam Rally Supporters in Sarasota

SARASOTA, Fla. – Former Governor Jeb Bush joined Adam Putnam’s “Florida Grown” Bus Tour and several hundred supporters this morning in Sarasota for a rally. The day before the election, Governor Bush and Putnam, running for re-election as Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture, reminded the energized crowd of the importance of voting and the lasting impact this election will have on the future of Florida.

“We need to elect conservative leaders who believe in limited government, believe in entrepreneurial capitalism and believe that individuals acting together can create a better America. One of those people we need to elect is a great friend and a spectacular leader, and his name is Adam Putnam,” Governor Bush said.

Putnam encouraged attendees to re-elect Florida’s Cabinet, made up of the Governor, Attorney General and Chief Financial Officer, for steering Florida back into prosperity after the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

“After the New York Times and Time Magazine wrote Florida’s obituary during the height of the recession, conservative leadership in Tallahassee cut unemployment in half, paid off $4 billion in debt and put another $3 billion in the bank.  If given another four years, we can help secure Florida’s future – and make sure Florida’s residents have a shot at the American Dream,” Putnam said.

After a successful first term growing Florida’s agriculture industry, safeguarding consumers from fraud, fostering academic success and honoring American veterans, this month Putnam launched his re-election “Florida Grown” Bus Tour. Putnam and the “Florida Grown” Bus Tour will crisscross Florida through Election Day, making more than 50 visits to the state’s diverse cities -- and their residents.

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great – how do i forward tehis to several friends here in solivita by email. also the others you are preparing on AP thank you fernando 863-427-2561
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